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Customer Driven Enterprise Design

Your customers buy value you create

Your ability to grow cash flow has a direct link to your ability to create value for your customers and differentiate you offering. Let’s play with the idea. What would happen if everyone in your company knew how to create value for the customer in their own role? If the team would all have a clear purpose of the work, and freedom to implement? What if this was true in a company of a hundred, thousand or tens of thousands of employees?


We can play with the idea or make it happen. Companies where people have a clear purpose and an insight into customer value, create customer loyalty, attract employees, and generate results. Let’s create value!


Plan Pii Oy was born out of the customer's need in 2010. The company focuses on creating customer value, competitive advantage and earnings logic to renew and strengthen its customers' strategy, boardwork and management. A common goal with its customers is to create a competitive advantage that gives value to the customer.

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Looking for a board member with Customer Driven Enterprise Design skills? Want to increase customer value, create competitive advantages, improve your earning logic and brand?

Board of directors


We are eager to understand how to increase results. That is why we actively research. RedDot

"Customer Value on the Board and Management agenda " will be published in spring 2018.



We help the owners, the board and the management to clarify the strategy, increase customer value, develop a competitive advantage and earning logic.


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